Höjdpunkter från Vans Park Series i Malmö

Dags att spana in en ösig edit med alla höjdpunkter från Malmö när Vans Park Series körde sitt tredje stopp för året den gångna helgen.


Åkare: Cory Juneau, Roman Pabich, Cody Lockwood, Murilo Peres, Josh Borden, Keegan Palmer, Zion Wright, Vincent Matheron, Ben Hatchell, Trey Wood, Raven Tershy, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Grant Taylor, Chris Russell, Willy Lara, Tristan Rennie, Kevin Kowalski, CJ Collins, Pedro Barros, Daan Van Der Linden, Ishod Wair, Karl Berglind, Tom Schaar & Alex Sorgente
Filmare: Rye Beres, Dan Stolling & Tim Fulton
Redigering: Dan Stolling

The third stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series in Malmo, Sweden was full of heavy skating and vicious slams. This was one of the best contests we’ve seen so far. Check out all the highlights, and get to Malmo on a skate mission if you can. The city, the skateparks, the people… everything is great about Malmo. Congratulations to Alex Sorgente 1st, Tom Schaar 2nd, and Karl Berglind 3rd.

PS! Hela livesändningen kan du se i repris här!

1. Alex Sorgente, USA, 93.54
2. Tom Schaar, USA, 88.11
3. Karl Berglind, SWE, 84.69
4. Cory Juneu, USA, 85.33
5. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, SWE, 83.27
6. Roman Pabich, USA, 80.82
7. Pedro Barros, BRA, 54.10
8. Ben Hatchell, USA, 30.30

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