Historien om Halldor Helgason – Del 1 | Arcadia

Om bara några veckor har TransWORLD Snoboardings nya fullängdare Arcadia premiär. Här får vi i en första del följa med Halldor Helgason hem till Island där vi får veta mer om hans bakgrund och uppväxt på brädan. Vi ser även en hel del shreddande från Sverige.


Åkare: Halldor Helgason
Film & redigering: Theodore Muse

From the small town of Akureyri, Iceland to now, part one of The History of Halldor Helgason dives into the beginnings of one of the most interesting characters in snowboarding. From young influences to spots that Halldor and his brother Eiki have made famous in their own exploits, join the youngest Helgason on his family’s potato farm as he takes us on a tour with a trip down memory lane. His memory lane just happens to be radder than most.

Åkare: Halldór Helgason, Alek Oestreng, BYND X MDLS, Victor Daviet, Jesse Paul, The Manboys, Jordan Small & Victor De Le Rue

TransWorld SNOWboarding presents the trailer for its Seventh Full Length Film, ‘Arcadia’ A full-length film releasing 10.10.17 documenting snowboarders in a perpetual pursuit of paradise. Arcadia is an image or idea of life in a place believed to be perfect. It is a promised land. It is untouched turns, lap after lap. A polished handrail with no cops. A pristine cliff with a bottomless landing.

Supported by: Monster Energy, Salomon Snowboards, Bear Mountain, Rome SDS, 686, Nitro, Dakine, Lobster, Bataleon, Switchback, Smith, Vans, and Whistler Blackcomb.

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