Fullpart: Simon Källkvist – Place Mag

Spana in en ny riktigt smarrig fullpart med Poetic Collectives Simon Källkvist.


Åkare: Simon Källkvist
Film & redigering: Markus Bengtsson
Övriga filmare: Olle Kling & Johan Bergljung

First met Simon many years ago when he was just a little kid, he was always in the corner skating flat ground, doing every flat trick, always in the most worn down gear. Since then he has grown into a man and taken those flat tricks in and out of tricks and stairs everywhere. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that even though I now supply him with boards and Cons supply him with shoes he still somehow always manages to have the most worn down gear! Watching Simon skate is always a treat, it`s very spontaneous, always just on the limit, just hanging on. Never one to stay in his comfort zone he is always pushing himself and always with a smile on his face!

PS! Läs även en intervju med Simon på Place Mag.

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