Fullpart: Nils Arvidsson – Method 3

Nyligen kunde du se Method Magazines nya fullängdsfilm, den tredje i ordningen. Missade du den så kan du nu här avnjuta svenske Nils Arvidssons grymma fullpart fylld med punkigt streetshreddande runt om i Europa och härligt puder i Japan.


Åkare: Nils Arvidsson

 Nils Arvidsson opened up our 3rd full length movie with an absolute banger part featuring that punk style in the streets of Europe to the deepest pow in Japan. This one made us drool from the moment we set eyes on the shots. Enjoy this one and if you want more you can watch the full movie on Red Bull TV and on Methodmag.com.

Supported by Rip Curl and Nitro Snowboards.

Åkare: Nils Arvidsson, Zebbe Landmark, Len Jørgensen, Brady Lem, Dominik Wagner, Rene Rinekangas, Markus Keller & Marc Swoboda
Filmad i: Ryssland, Österrike, Sverige, Schweiz, Finland, Polen, Japan, Kalifornien & Oregon

Fresh off a tour of the European continent, Method Movie 3 is now live for your free viewing pleasure! Featuring Dominik Wagner, Len Jørgensen, Brady Lem, Rene Rinnekangas, Zebbe Landmark, Nils Arvidsson and friends ripping across Finland, Russia, Austria, Japan, Minnesota, Poland and beyond, our latest and greatest visual presentation is a synthesis of psychedelic analog nostalgia and the finest in modern boarding. Trip out!

Method Magazine returns with the third instalment of the Method Movie triad, a fast-moving, high-powered take on the classic snowboard film that chases a hand-selected posse all over the globe. Mixing equal parts lo-fi nostalgia, visual psychedelia and insane snowboarding, the brand that has stood alongside, and represented, snowboarding’s core for well over two decades offers up their latest chapter in Method Movie 3.

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