Fullpart: Ivar Hörnestig – Sommaren 2017

Ivar Hörnestig från Umeå är tillbaks med en ny fullpart från den gångna sommarnen. Här bjuds vi på rippande från Luleå i norr till Malmö i söder och en liten sväng till Köpenhamn i Danmark.


Åkare: Ivar Hörnestig

As This part is 100% dedicated to Johan, a local skater from Oxelösund that I met during this adventure. The video could not have been made without the help from my amazing friends that stayed with me on this battles, Thank you!

This part is mostly filmed in Sweden, from Luleå in north to Malmö in the south, but also a few clips from Copenhagen in Danmark.

I also want to thank you guys here on Youtube, I may not get many views or have a ton of subscriber, but the fact that I have a some people that are commenting on every video I post, even how crappy it is, that is why I’m still here on Youtube, thank you. And yes, this is the only time you will see me in shorts.



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