Fullpart: Gustav Tønnesen – Between the Parts

I väntan på en ny fullpart från Gustav Tønnesen kommer nu här ännu en riktigt smarrig part med både nytt och gammalt material, denna gång dock tidigare helt osett och oanvänt material.


Åkare: Gustav Tønnesen
Filmare: Torsten Frank, Justin Albert, Pekka Løvås, Neil Chester & Jonathan Lomar
Redigering: Felix Kohler & Torsten Frank

Whilst Gustav is busy creating a far bigger masterpiece of a part, here’s some older and more recent footage from here and there that has never been released. It’s clearing out the trash so to speak, emptying the hard drives. To some this would be ‘a part’ but the Magician has high standards and he was very keen to make sure this is not looked upon as his next big video part! Consider this as something in between.

Special thanks to adidas Skateboarding on this one!

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