Fullpart: Daniel Spängs & Filip Almqvist – Svampen

Spana in den grymma fullparten helt och hållet filmad på Svampen-spotet i Malmö med Daniel Spängs och Filip Almqvist. Vi kan utlova riktigt smarrigt rippande från denna duo.


Åkare: Daniel Spängs & Filip Almqvist
Filmare: Tor Ström & Vincent Jugnet
Redigering: Vincent Jugnet

For the past year or so, watching Daniel Spängs and Filip Almqvist hone their skills at Malmö‘s Svampen Plaza has been one of the highlights of our Instagram feed. From floating every flip trick in their repertoire over the bins to learning all sorts of fucked up shit on the blocks, these guys brought a new energy to the spot. So much that we decided to ask a couple of our favourite filmers to spend some time following them around with VXs to see what happened… Hopefully you’ll be as stoked on the result as we are.

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