Fullpart: Daniel “Palen” Eriksson

Daniel Palen Eriksson från Umeå har traditionsenligt släppt en fullpart från sommaren. Här bjuds vi på kreativ åkning från runt om i Norrland, men även bland annat England.


Åkare: Daniel “Palen” Eriksson

I heard there was a secret board, that underflipped and it pleased the lord. Every summer I save some tricks for a part of some sort, this happens to be the 2018 version of that. I also always insert a random song that is frightingly sexy and meant for skateboarding by real skaters!

This summer was surprisingly injury free and even though I worked 24/7 I found time to skate… I like that, I truly do! I skated mostly in Umeå, but also locations as London southbank, Coventry, Falun, Skellefteå, Bureå, The Nydalarampen, Gotenburgh, Lycksele, Nordmaling… and even a disasterous place called Holmsund! Holmsund is a place..? I have never known such naughty dogs!

I try to keep things interesting by doing not to predictable tricks, cause why not? Was there a falcon plant? Could there be a fake freestyle trick in a streetpart? -NEIN NEIN NEIN!!! or? ..How many underflips can a underflipper underflip? What was your favorite?

Thanks to www.actionbolaget.se for being a superior boardshop who also happens to have my back! Linn, Ivar and Peter, you guys have remarkable patience! Your efforts will go down in history and never be forgotten! #detblirbättrenästaår

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