Fullpart: Daniel Palen Eriksson – Sommaren 2017

Daniel Palen Eriksson från Umeå är traditionsenligt tillbaks med en fullpart från den gångna sommaren med rippande ute på gatorna i bland anant Umeå, Barcelona, Malmö, Köpenhamn och England.


Åkare: Daniel Palen Eriksson

Thanks to www.actionbolaget.se for providing me with love and boards. This summer was dominated by work, but I tried to get enough clips to do some kind of summer part, this is what I ended up with. I suffered in the heat of Barcelona, sailed through the banks of the UK, suffered by the hand of the sun god RAH in Copenhagen. I got beat by the sun in Malmö, only to go home and be blessed by the winds of the north. Many good times! Huge thanks to Ivar, Nightspeeds and Sami for helping me film!

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