Fullpart: Daniel Palen Eriksson – 2016

Här spanar vi in en fullpart med Daniel Palen Eriksson från den gångna sommaren. Vi ser material från såväl Umeå som Bristol och Köpenhamn, flertal ställen runt om i Sverige och legendariska Klabböle-rännan.


Åkare: Daniel Palen Eriksson
Filmare: Konrad Söderlund, Jannica Bäck, Ivar Hörnestig, Nightspeeds & Sven Hedqvist

Montage/Skate Part from my favorite clips this year so far.

1. And by far most important, This video is dedicated 100% to a living legend, Søren the rollerblader!

2. Thank you to my sponsor www.actionbolaget.se for being awesome and having my back. Go check them out

3. My foot was as usual 100% dead for flipping so I could do underflips this part. However, my foot is doing progress, I have recently done some kickflips, bone chilling satisfaction.

4. I was thinking of calling this skate part: The fat ninja experience

5. The song, I wanted there to be a NBD in this video, instead of the tricks, I went for the song. A song with sexy consequences. Merethe Soltvedt – Compass

6. Filming locations: Umeå, Falun, Göteborg, Örnsköldsvik, Bristol, Köpenhamn, Klabböle & Holmsund

7. I have never had so little time to skate as this summer, so It was a challenge to scrape this stuff together

8. This video is mostly filmed with a gopro on a stick.

9. Filmed by: Konrad Söderlund, Jannica Bäck, Ivar Hörnestig, Nightspeeds, Sven Hedqvist. And I did myself film the blood moon. Cause I always have a shot of the moon in my parts. Big thanks to you guys for being patient and wonderful!

10. Thanks to you guys who stick with on this channel and actually watch, like comment and stay subscribe. You guys give me deep amounts of pleasure. I know this is not a super duper part, but its not what its all about. In the end, having fun and coming up with new ideas, is the foundtaion of this channel.

PS. The 50-50 in Copenhagen was the hardest one to land for me, hahahahahaha

Thumbnail taken in the best skatespot ever. The best quarterpipe in the world. This it true you know

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