Fullängdsfilm: Nitro Snowboards – 28 Winters

Dags att avnjunta årets fullängdsfilm från Nitro Snowboards. I år har man gjort en kombinerad snowboardfilm och dokumentär under namnet 28 Winters där vi får hela Nitros historia. Åkarmässigt ser vi bland andra Sven Thorgren, Nils Arvidsson och Ludvig Billtoft.


Åkare: Marcus Kleveland, Sven Thorgren, Torgeir Bergren, Ludvig Billtoft, Markus Keller, Nils Arvidsson, Eero Ettala, Sam Taxwood, Benny Urban, Griffin Siebert, Knut Eliassen, Thomas Delgado, Jeremy Jones, Ludvig Billtoft, Dominik Wagner, Elias Elhardt, Austin Smith & Bryan Fox med flera
Redigering: Jukka Mätseaho
Regi: Jukka Mätseaho & Jyri Paajamaa
Exekutiv Producent: Andi Aurhammer – Nitro Snowboards, Florian Moser – Red Bull Media House & Jyri Paajamaa – Pablo Films
Producenter: Michael Pütz – Red Bull Media House & Knut Eliassen – Nitro Snowboards

Nitro presents the new full length featured film 28 WINTERS.

Nitro snowboards proudly presents an insight into the passion, team, legacy, and heritage for the first time since the beginning 28 years ago.

There is more to winter than cold, short and dark days – there is a group of people who live for the winter and the opportunities it provides for having fun. Nitro is not your normal company, it´s a family and a collective on a mission to spread the joys of snowboarding to as many people as possible.

28 WINTERS captures the heritage, the Nitro team, and the current state of Nitro Snowboarding by showcasing the many different personalities within the family, featuring Nitro Co-Founder Thomas Delago, Marcus Kleveland, Eero Ettala, Elias Elhardt, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Sam Taxwood, Jeremy Jones, Sven Thorgren, and the rest of the Nitro team. The Nitro family will take you through a journey of why they pursue the snowboarding dream and how all their different lines lead to the same conclusion – it´s all about the freedom, friends, and fun. Snowboarding is as inspiring and fun as you make it, it´s an escape from reality – the possibilities are endless.

A Pablo Films production in coproduction with Red Bull Media House.

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