Fullängdsfilm: Method Movie 2

Det har blivit dags att avnjuta Method Magazines andra fullängdfilm i vilken vi ser shreddande från bland andra Sven Thorgren och Zebbe Landmark.


Åkare: Dylan Alito, Len Roald Jørgensen, Max Zebe, Brady Lem, Flo Corzelius, Jordan Morse, Levi Luggen, Jye Kearney, Zebbe Landmark, Sven Thorgren, Sparrow Knox, David Djité, Roope Tonteri, DCP, Roland Morley-Brown & Severin Van Der Meer
Producerad av: Method Media Productions & Red Bull Media House
Producent: Chris McAlpine
Regi: Michael Goodwin, Chris McAlpine & Pwee3000
Redigering: Pwee3000

Method proudly presents our second full-length film, Method Move II, a visual narrative of fantastic adventures, trials and triumphs, etching a remarkably strange chapter into the storied snowboard video tome. (Director’s note: If the text within the movie is assembled, spoken into a recorder and played backwards at 45 rpm, chosen ones may enter the next dimension.)

Method presents our second feature film, Method Movie II, in co-production with Red Bull Media House.

Captured during road trips across the European Alps, Russia, Bulgaria, Finland, Japan, California and beyond, the movie showcases segments from our selection of the most exciting and influential snowboarders on the planet. Filmed over the course of the ’16/’17 winter, Method Movie II pays homage to the traditional snowboard film, delivered in the raw style for which Method has built its legacy

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