FSWC: Carnival de Tenerife

Fast Skateboard Wheel Co har varit på Teneriffa och öst! Spana in vad Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Ulph Andersson och Ville Wester passade på att langa upp nere på den soliga ön.


Åkare: Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Ulph Andersson & Ville Wester
Film & redigering: Jack Thompson

 The Fast Skateboard Wheel Company recently used skateboarding as an excuse to loose their minds at the Carnaval de Tenerife. Jack Thompson came along with his VX (or what’s left of it) to document their little adventure and we’ve got a 10 page article in the new issue detailing the ins and outs of their debauchery. Make sure you get your hands on a copy while they’re still floating about! / Free Skatemag

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