Fat & Furious – Appertiff Park

Fat & Furious och No Budget Production bjuder här upp med en förlängd Appertiff Park del från Bollebacken och Full Party filmen. Grymt pepp inför fredagens härliga event APTF Team Battle som äger rum i den parken.


Åkare: Theo Hjellström, Abbe Hjellström, Niklas Mattson & Nils Arvidsson
Film & redigering: Lowe Andersson, No Budget Productions

 Small extend of “Appertiff Park” segment from FULL PARTY.

PS! Missa nu inte årets upplaga av Appertiff Team Battle i Bollebacken nu på långfredag!


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Åkare: Abbe Hjellström & Theo Hjellström plus Nils Arvidsson & Niklas Mattsson
Film & redigering:
Lowe Andersson, No Budget Productions
Producenter: Abbe & Theo Hjellström, No Budget Production

Welcome Friends! It’s a pleasure to finally present what we’ve been up to the past year.
Together with No Budget Production, we chased the snow through northern Scandinavia to build a double video part. We choose to call it – “FULL PARTY”.
If you like what you see, don’t be afraid to either share it, or just let us know! Thank you for watching.

Special thanks: Appertiff, Hollywood.se, Neff

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