Fat & Furios – Full Party behind the shot #1

Fat & Furios är tillbaks med en ny edit. Här ser vi den första delen av tre där vi får följa med bakom kulisserna under filmandet av Full Party filmen. Först ut är Abbe Hjellströms 360 flip.


Åkare: Abbe Hjellström
Film & Edit: NoBudget Production

In “Behind the Shot” episodes you get the chance to see what it takes to catch a shot! The first trick (of 3 episodes to be released) is the 360 flip Abbe made out of Theos board.

kare: Abbe Hjellström & Theo Hjellström plus Nils Arvidsson & Niklas Mattsson
Film & redigering:
Lowe Andersson, No Budget Productions
Producenter: Abbe & Theo Hjellström, No Budget Production

Welcome Friends! It’s a pleasure to finally present what we’ve been up to the past year.
Together with No Budget Production, we chased the snow through northern Scandinavia to build a double video part. We choose to call it – “FULL PARTY”.
If you like what you see, don’t be afraid to either share it, or just let us know! Thank you for watching.

Special thanks: Appertiff, Hollywood.se, Neff

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