Fandom: Copenhagen Open 2017 – Vad gör CPH Open till den bästa skatetävlingen i världen?

I ännu en edit från årets CPH Open frågar Stance ett gäng kända ansikten på plats vad som gör just denna tävling tilll den bästa i världen.


As a sponsor of Copenhagen Open, we at Stance are happy to be a part of the greatest skateboarding contest in the world. Arto Saari says it best in our wrap-up video, it’s more than a contest – it’s an experience and a week long festival. Ishod Wair took home top honors at CPH Open and won first place at the CPH Skatepark competition. Thank you to everyone who came to the contest and to the CPH Open crew who allowed our brand to be a part of these momentous occasions that are always unforgettable.

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