Ett videovykort från norr

Här får vi följa med på Daniel Palen Erikssons och Jannica Bäcks fyradagars roadtrip genom Norrland och över en sväng till Andenes i Norge. Skate, valsafari och norrsken med mera stod på schemat.


Åkare: Daniel Palen Eriksson & Jannica Bäck
Redigering: Daniel Palen Eriksson

Me and Jannica snuck away in our car for 4 days. This is what we did. Places we went to was a quick stop in Luleå and then further on to the husky lodge in Kiruna. Skated the cool mini ramp in Luossavaara then crossed over into norway and drove up to Andenes where we went whale watching. Ive always been impressed by the size and how cool whales are, I recommend this! go to for more information if you should ever want to do this! We even got a glimpse of the aurora borealis aka the northern lights. Nature was fantastic and so was the wildlife. Good times forsure! Even got a trick for my skatepart wich Im saving. Like these vloging type of videos? Let me know and I will do more.



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