Checkout: Mats Hatlem

Spana in lite grymt vertrippande med den norske unga talangen Mats Hatlem som öser på i såväl Oslo Skatepark som Tjöme och Woodward.


Åkare: Mats Hatlem

PS! Läs intervjun med Mats Hatlem här!

If you want to talk about an underground facet of skateboarding, let’s talk about vert. Vert is skating’s most austere discipline, which is why most skaters are frightened of it (let’s be honest here!).

Skating vert is demanding, merciless, terrifying and really, really dangerous. So it’s great to see the new generation come through to carry that torch forward in our trendy times.

Norway’s Mats Hatlem is not a vert purist. Most of his generation of skaters start off in the streets or parks before finding their bowl legs. Of those, only a brave few have the access and the heart to learn how to skate that purest form of skateboarding, the big U.

Vert is its own particular buzz, however, and those skaters who do fall into it often fall in deep, like a lifetime deal. There is so much to learn and master that nobody ever truly cracks it all, although many have stepped closer to doing so than any of us could have expected.

Mats has been working hard to get this video part dialled in, so we took the opportunity to ask him about the Olympics, and why it’s a bad idea to skate big ramps alone.



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