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Sedan 1999 har SNOWBOARDER Magazine utdelat utmärkelsen Top Ten Rider of the Year awards. I år delar man ut olika utmärkelser från fjärde till och med 24 januari då man avslutar med Rider of the Year titeln, men först ut är BYND x MDLS med Kevin Bäckström och Tor Lundström i spetsen som kammat hem Web Series of the Year. Spana in webserien och deras senaste fullängdsfilm Vacation Forever här.


If spinning off the toes, stomping with conviction and sending it to the after party are your bag then do yourself a favor and bookmark BYND X MDLS. In the Fall of 2012 Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lunstrom were a couple of 20-year-old Swedish snowboarding stars on the fast track to Sochi Olympic fame and fortune. All that changed on one fateful night in Austria when the duo decided to down a couple pops at the local dollar ballet ironically leading to Kevin and Tor themselves being stripped of their Swedish National Team status. Backstrom and Lundstrom took their banishment in stride and in turn created the BYND x MDLS web series as a big middle finger to the old school sporting establishment. With raw antics and revolutionary riding each episode of BYND x MDLS follows Kevin and Tor as they live out every riders fantasy of fresh pow, perfect parks and endless parties. Onefoot ruler Scott Stevens gives BYND x MDLS two thumbs up stating “Their intros are so sick!” A factor that sets BYND x MDLS apart from other serialized web fare is the production value that Director Markus Wetterberg and Executive Producer Oscar Valentin bring to the screen. From the opening shot of the aforementioned intro skit in which an aristocratic dinner party turns into a bacchanal romp there is no denying that Tor and Kevin take their fun seriously. Joining them for Season 4 and the “best of” Vacation Forever full movie is a legion of Europe’s finest freestylers including Sebbe De Buck, Max Buri and Ulrik Badertscher as well as the latest additions to the illustrious list of Olympic outlaws, Japans Yuki Kodano and Tomoki Wakita. From Kevin and Tor’s own Ale Invite big air contest in Gothenberg Sweden to waist deep descents in Asahidake, Japan BYND x MDLS spans the globe leaving no whiteout blizzard, off-axis contortion or Badertscher blackout undocumented making it our undisputed 2017 Web Series Of The Year.
– Pat Bridges

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