Bru-Ray: Bay Rips – Fernando & Per i USA

I ännu en Bru-Ray edit från numer bortgångne P-Stone ser vi grymt rippande från USA med Fernando Bramsmark och Per Magnusson plus en hel drös ytterligare åkare.


Åkare: Austin Kanfoush, Fernando Bramsmark, Jarne Verbruggen, Dontae Smith ,Jacopo Carozzi, Tony Miorana, Raney Beres, Jason Manzanares, Big Hongry, Per Magnusson, Cody Chapman, Elliot Clark, Marley Humphrey, Poohrail

Nobody captured the good times quite like P-Stone. Watching this episode is heart-wrenching, but you also can’t help but smile. Catch a grind for the Big Dog today. We owe it to him.



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