Bröderna Mortensen intervjuad av Free Skatemag

Tror vi har haft Amandus och Mortensens fullpart publicerad två gånger redan, men varför inte en tredje då dessa kreativa brädsjälar precis även fått en intervju publicerad på Free Skatemag. Spana in parten och kolla in vad de har att berätta om sin unika och kreativa approach till åkningen och mycket mer.


Åkare: Amandus Mortensen & Sondre Mortensen plus Ludvig Håkansson & Ville Rockäng

Is that a kind of principle for you guys? You invent spots as much as tricks? What qualifies as a standard trick?

Amandus: Well, we would never film a backtail flip out on some ledge. It’s more fun to see something different.

Amandus: Well if you are going to film something it needs to have that ‘oooh-feeling’. I don’t know what to call it, but something that makes it worth it.

Sondre: ‘Oooh’- Like it’s something intriguing. Something you yourself want to see.

Amandus: Sometimes we start skating a spot that’s not even a spot, just mucking about and then something will evolve and we’ll think ‘hey we could film that this way and it would be cool’.

Läs hela intervjun på Free Skatemag!



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