Bollen Valencia jobbar hårt med Bollinwood 2.0

Vi kunde tidigare i höstas berätta om Bollen Valencias planer för årets Bollinwood-park. Nu växer den fram för fullt och det är inte vilken skapelse som helst. Spana in några bilder och video från första sessionen här.


20 year’s ago I came to #sälen to work and train for the world cup. 20 years later, snowboarding has taken me around the world an back! I’m forever grateful that I’m blessed enough to be able to do what I do and so, it’s time to give back. After one hell of a season last year…….

I proudly present


Thanks to

Emil Gulleryd och @ideprojektdesign #knutasochgulleryd For making a sick as blueprint for the layout. Amasing work.

During the spring we will release the full size BLW plans. (We going bigger)

Thanks to Stefan Westlund my general and partner in crime. Also for the awsome logo! Without you nothing would be!

Thanks to Pelle Larsson for the digital input. Follow Bollinwood he’s behind it.

Thanks to Jonas Pgf Dahlstedt for being on top of the frame! The pixelman !

Thanks to Burton Snowboards for material support. So sweet!

Thanks to everyone who thinks this is awsome.

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