Baeonci i Malmö

Spana in en ny edit från Henry Forsnor aka Baeonci, med rippande från Malmös gator med bland andra Alex Elfving, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi, Heitor da Silva och Karl Fredrik Førli.


Åkare: Alex Elfving, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi, Martin Kvisla, Heitor da Silva, Karl Fredrik Førli, Magnus Røthe Bøen & Daniel Pedersen
Redigering: Henry Forsnor, Instagram: Baeonci

 This is a skateboarding video. The song is Filulas Juz – Green Dolphin Skit. Skating street in Malmö and J-Mag skating downhill. 2016-2017. The best street skate you will ever see. We’re going big. Mad style on these guys. This is how to make money of skateboarding.



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