Arctic Lights – Sverige-premiär

Nu på torsdag bjuder Haglöfs i Stockholm in till biopremiär på Arctic Lights, den nya filmen med Antti Autti där vi får följa honom i pudret i såväl Finland, Norge, Sverige och Japan. Kvällen avslutas med eftermingel på Haglöfs nya butik.


Var och när: Biograf Grand, Stockholm. Torsdag 23 november, klockan 18.30-23.30.

På torsdag kväll bjuder Haglöfs in till premiär av Arctic Lights, den nya snowboardfilmen med Antti Autti, filmad i Sverige, Finland, Norge och Japan. Efter filmpremiären bär det iväg till Haglöfs nya butik i Stockholm för eftermingel.

18.30: Dörrarna öppnar
19.00: Filmstart
20.45: Mingel på Haglöfs nya butik, Kungsgatan 10.

Biljetter: Din biljett kan du köpa på Haglöfs Brand Store, Kungsgatan 10 och Addnature på Birger Jarlsgatan 43. Endast kontant betalning.

What do you do on a snowboard trip when you can’t go the mountains because of the weather. Of course you ride the cabin village! In Fall 2017 Anttisworld is releasing in a co-operation with Kota Collective a documentary called Arctic Lights and webisodes with straight forward riding. It will be something you have never seen before and wre e’re than excited to show it all to you. The journey has began.

70% of Finland is covered by forests and every Finnish person has a very special relationship with them, they are a place of meditation and it almost feels like forests are part of the DNA of Finns. In Japan, forests are considered holy. A home of the spirits that are sometimes out of bounds for a man to enter. With respect and courtesy, the gates can be opened and you can experience some of the best snow in the world.

Antti Autti and Keisuke Yoshida are from opposite sides of the world and from very distant cultures, but they have more in common than you might think first. Both are born and bread in their respective northern territories, Antti from Lapland and Keisuke from Hokkaido. Both of them have been snowboarding most of their lives and enjoy immensely the thrill of riding in the forest. It is almost like their home, a place where they feel most relaxed, calm and content.

This edit is all about opening the doors and sharing their home’s with a like-minded soul and shred the trees around Arctic Circle and the wilderness of Hokkaido, Japan.

Regi: Teemu Lahtinen & Matti Ollila – Kota Collective
Filmare: Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen, Iisakki Kennilä
Redigering: Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen
Producent: Antti Autti , Ilmo NIittymäki, Hypement
Foto: Jani Kärppä, Rami Hanafi, Harri Tarvainen

Professional snowboarder Antti Autti is dependent on snowboarding. For Antti it is a passion, but for his closest ones it is an obsession. He has been chasing snow and mountains at the expense of everything else. But when does absolute dedication for one thing start to take a toll on other important things in life? To figure this out, Antti decides to spend the whole season closer to home in Lapland and see if he can discover balance in life.

Arctic Lights movie follows Autti´s season in the mountains and fells of the North and ponders if it is possible for a professional athlete to find balance between career and home.

Arctic Lights will be released December 2017

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