Arctic Lights – Cabin Rally

Antti Autti älskar som du säkert vet friåkning i puder. I höst kommer han med ett nytt dokumentärprojekt, Arctic Light filmat i bland anant Abisko, Kebnekaise och Svalbard. Spana in en härlig liten teaser här.


Åkare: Antti Autti

For my whole adult life I’ve been snowboarding for living. From the moment I first got my hands on a snowboard I’ve been hooked. It’s been a long journey–longer I’d ever dreamed about: world champion titles, Olympic games, tens of thousands of people screaming for “Antti”. But in the end it has always been about chasing the same feeling I had when I was that 10-year-old snowboarder in Ounasvaara. For that reason, I quit competing. I needed to have that feeling more often. That’s why I chose freeriding–I wanted to be free.

This season, our crew is filming a documentary called Arctic Lights. It’s about my personal growth and about seeking the new options at The Arctic Circle. Our plan is to film nearby, chasing the arctic light. This time we’re not traveling to Japan or New Zealand or any other remote destination; we’re filming at Pyhä, Abisko, Kebnekaise, Lyngen, Tamok, Svalbard –at the places I can call my home.

Läs allt Antti har att berätta på: Transworld Snowboarding

What do you do on a snowboard trip when you can’t go the mountains because of the weather.
Of course you ride the cabin village!

In Fall 2017 Anttisworld is releasing in a co-operation with Kota Collective a documentary called Arctic Lights and webisodes with straight forward riding. It will be something you have never seen before and wre e’re than excited to show it all to you. The journey has began.

Arctic Lights partners:  Neste, Haglöfs, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Northwave Drake, Pyhä Ski resort
support: Arctic Guides, Björkliden Fjällby, Kallax Flyg

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