Ali Boulala & Aaron “Jaws” Homoki – The Leap of Faith

Biotechföretaget Leaps by Bayer har gjort en liten minidokumentär med Ali Boulala och Aaron "Jaws" Homoki om 25-stegaren i Lyon som Ali försökte sätta för 15 år sedan, och som Aaron slutligen bemästrade tretton år senare.


Åkare: Aaron “Jaws” Homoki & Ali Boulala

In 2002 Ali Boulala believed he could make the biggest jump ever recorded and took a leap of faith. 13 years later Aaron “Jaws” Homoki landed it. What would be a leap of faith in science?

 Exclusive interviews with skate legends Ali Boulala and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki. Find out how Aaron finally got to land the Lyon 25 a decade after Ali’s attempt. And how his courage inspired Leaps by Bayer to create an epic film to launch their ambitious innovation movement.

Discover the true story behind one of the most legendary locations in skateboarding: the Lyon 25. And find out how it has inspired the innovation initiative Leaps by Bayer to bring an attitude of daring to the life sciences.

Filmed in Bolivia on the largest salt plain in the world and featuring a voice-over by Tony Hawk plus an exclusive track from Berlin-based musician Paul Kalkbrenner, the legacy of Ali Boulala and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is more than a jump. It’s a story that dares us to leap. #daretoleap

Biggest. Drop. Ever! Jaws plummets his way into skateboarding history with nerves of steel, joints of rubber and a little help from Ali Boulala. Skateboarding rules!

Two 25 stair spots in the same day? Goddamn! The Lyon ollie remains one of the gnarliest stunts attempted in the history of skateboarding… and he went back for seconds!




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