“Albert” – A little something from a December Night

Nisse Ingemarsson har snott ihop en edit för Fast Skateboard Wheels där vi ser lite nytt smarigt rippande från bland andra Albert Nyberg, Ulph Andersson och Jaakko Ojanen.


Åkare: Albert Nyberg, Ulph Andersson, Jaakko Ojanen, Barney Page, Sam Sitayeb & Frank Filmare: Oli Buergin, Jack, Veksu, Sherman, Kevin P, Lomar
Redigering: Nisse Ingemarsson

“Albert” – A little something from a December Night. A Fast clip. Nisse and Sami in the Sour cave till 5:30am 21 December and it got rather messy. Lovely Oli Buergin Abbe footage and the boys: Ulph, Barney, Jaakko, Sam, Frank filmed by various… Kyle, Curtis, Juju, Ville MIA. Duke plays jazz and Alan talks. Jussi plays guitar on the background straight to the camera. We were supposed to edit his beautiful face in but seems like we dropped the ball. Sorry. But there he is playing it live to the camera.

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