adidas Skateboarding – Skate Copa Court /// Europe

I ännu ett avsnitt från adidas Skateboardings Skate Copa Court tour får vi följa med till London, Paris och Berlin med rippande såväl ute på gatorna som under demon från bland andra Günes Özdogan, Gustav Tønnesen, Magnus Bordewick och resten av teamet.


Åkare: Heitor De Silva, Blondey McCoy, Diego Najera, Gustav Tønnesen, Benny Fairfax, Lucas Puig, Günes Özdogan, Kaio Hillebrand, Mark Suciu, Magnus Bordewick, Dennis Busenitz, Lem Villemin, Miles Silvas, Pete Eldridge, Patrick Zentgraf & Silas Baxter-Neal

Join the adidas Skateboarding team as they travel through Europe during the Skate Copa Court tour. Between London, Paris and Berlin, skateboard communities came together for multiple days of fun wrapped up in demos and best trick contests.

From the streets and into the courts, Skate Copa Court builds on the vision of adidas Skateboarding’s team. By creating an obstacle specific to each of the 12 city stops, the team will be traveling to 12 worldwide destinations from April to November 2017. Part demo, part contest, Skate Copa Court brings together the community for a day of skateboarding fun alongside Daewon Song, Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, na-Kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones and so many more. Check below for cities and dates.

April 15 – New York City, NY
May 20 – Mexico City, Mexico
May 20 – Shanghai, China
June 24 – London, United Kingdom
July 1 – Paris, France
July 4 – Berlin, Germany
August 31 – Los Angeles, CA
Sept 16 – São Paulo, Brazil
Oct 17 – Santiago, Chile
Oct 21 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
TBD – Seoul, South Korea
TBD – Tokyo, Japan

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